Types of Light Switches

If you’re puzzled about the numerous styles of home light switches you may mount in your home, you’ve come to the correct location. This article would warn you about the newest and most significant, as well as whether or not you have the appropriate wiring to mount them. There are several varieties of home light switches. Enable trained electricians to advise you about everything from toggle switches, including wireless light switches.

Types of Light Switches

Following electrical switches in the home are used which include different types of switches and dimmers:

  • Single Location Decora Switch

The single-position decora switch is almost similar to the single-pole toggle switch. Still, it is somewhat broader and rectangular. These switches are generally referred to as rocker switches, and they can be used in many higher-end houses. While there are top and bottom labeling within the switch cover plate, there seems to be no warning on the switch itself to inform you which would be off and which is on. They offer the home a good clean look and appeal.

  • Two Location Toggle Switch

The two-position toggle switch, also known as the three-way switch, is identical to the single pole switch. It enables you to switch an outlet or a light bulb from two different positions. These switches are mainly used on stairwells. They are often used in hallways in places that are too wide for a single turn. This sort of toggle switch does not have up and down marks on the switch itself, but it does have markings underneath the switch.

  • Two Location Decora Switch

The toggle switch is similar to the switch. The main distinction is that it seems like a rocker turn. Again, these switches are used with a more aesthetically appealing presentation.

Decora Switch

  • Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches unquestionably come a long way in recent years. Dimmer switches come in many configurations. Your primary dimmer switch regulates the lighting. Until making a buy, make sure to verify the dimmer switch’s ranking. We see people who shift their light bulbs to 2 Lead, and sometimes the dimmer switch does not operate, allowing the light bulbs to glow. This is attributable to the dimmer not being rated for LED illumination. When shopping for a dimmer, make sure it is classified for LED lighting.

  • Wireless dimmer switches

Following the dimmers described above, you may also buy a wireless dimmer. The dimmer connects with your home’s neutral cable. Assume you have a range of outdoor pot lights you’d like to monitor from various positions in your house. You may have a wireless dimmer for your basement door, front door, and patio door in your apartment, both of which regulate the same spot lights system. This is a brilliant concept.

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